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Master and Bachelor Thesis

We are constantly looking for students who would like to do their bachelor/master thesis in the research field of heterogeneous catalysis and technical chemistry in the group of professor Palkovits. In case you are interested please contact professor Palkovits directly. For descent applications, please add to your request: your CV, a certification with all examinations and a short motivation. Of course, all students can get an overview first about topics by contacting the group.

Research Projects

Throughout the year, various research projects are offered in the working group. In the following, current research projects are advertised. Students who are interested in doing research work with us as part of their studies are best advised to contact the respective supervisors. It is also possible to personally visit the working group to get an overview of available projects. Dr. Irina Delidovich will be happy to answer any general questions you may have.

Recent Topics

At the moment, the following projects are offered in our group:

  • Biomass-based Furans to Industrial Applicable Diols: Catalytic Approach (Kavita Gupta)
  • Synthesis and characterization of bifunctional metal catalysts for the reductive amidation of biomass‑derived carboxylic acids – special focus on noble metal‑free systems (Moritz Haus)
  • Mechanistic Studies on the Isomerization of Glucose to Fructose (Matthias Fischer)
  • Synthesis and characterization of metallic catalyst for gas-phase transformations (Julia Wohland)
  • Catalytic Upgrading of Bio-Derivable Hydroxy Acids to Alkanes and Alcohols (Joel Mensah)
  • Electrochemical upgrading of biomass-based feedstocks to fine chemicals (Jérôme Meyers)
  • Doping of Copper-Based Water-Gas Shift Catalysts with Noble Metals for WGSR Reaction (Tobias Janke)
  • Amine catalyzed sugar isomerization for the selective production of allulose (Peter Drabo)
  • Development of covalent triazine-based frameworks for the efficient photocatalytic valorization of biogenic resources (Daniel Ditz)
  • Applications of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry (Stefan Palkovits)



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